Are You a Passionate Coach or Service Provider Who Needs Clients And Struggling To Learn The Tricks Of Getting Clients With Predictability Month In and Month Out?

If That Is You, You Are In The Right Place!!

Not sure where to start, questioning your niche and unsure how to build from the foundation up? You’re in the right place.



  • You are you brilliant at what you do but struggling to get started and not sure how  to get your first few clients?
  • You know you can really get amazing results for clients but you need to gain that traction!
  • You got your first few clients and it’s all dried up again!
  • Whatever you do you can’t seem to attract your ideal client and convince them to sign up?
  • It all seems so overwhelming and procrastination may have set in as there seems to be so many paths you can take!
  • You think it is all about having a huge following on Social Media and you are focussing on this?
  • Closing high ticket sales fills you with dread as you don’t know how to close and lack the confidence?
  • ​You are struggling to find your niche and a niche that will pay?

If any of the above sounds like you, you are in the RIGHT PLACE. After having built 4 businesses in the last 18 years, two of which are in the Coaching niche, and helped so many others achieve 7 figures on beyond I can help!


Really Discover Your Niche; is it right for you?, is it passionate?, will they buy? is there are a market? Are you right for this? There are so many tricks to this you see that not many people teach out there today but I do.

Build The First Fundamental Steps; building your solid essential foundation on which to LAUNCH your coaching or service business

Prepare For Your Big Launch; this means not only going into this with the right mindset but all the RIGHT TOOLS to run your coaching business from Day 1

Create Your Power Resources; helping you craft your perfect  ‘BAITS” to attract people into your business and make you the “go to person” and want them to reach out to you rather than hard sell!

Organically Attract Your Clients; there are so many clever and untapped in ways to find your clients online (finding the golden threads in your niche) and when you are just getting started there are some super clever organic ways to prove all your concepts before you put money into ads!

Close Your Clients Like a Master; there is an art and a science attached to this and this can be the make or break of your business. Master this and you will see a MASSIVE transformation in your business.

Scale Up & Continuously Get Clients on Auto: once you start getting clients, the art is to then serve those clients their transformation but ALSO maintain a healthy stream of quality clients in your pipeline so things do not dry up!

Hi I’m Elaine Sanderson.

My story dates back to 2002  when I was desperately trying to get out of my Water Consultancy Corporate job; I had trained so hard to get into it and after having 2 children, I trained so hard to get out!

It was only after having kids, did I realise I was trapped in this full time job with stints overseas. I was struggling to be that mum I so craved to be! I was never there even missing my daughters 1st birthday. It was painful!

After 4 failed attempts at trying to set up my own business, I finally took the plunge back in 2003 to start a Coaching business.

Since then, I have built 5 businesses, 2 of which were in the Coaching niche and I LOVE being my own boss; it would crush my soul to go back to a paid Corporate job!

In all this time of being an entrepreneur, my core focus is and has been GETTING CLIENTS as no business survives without that!


    Elaine was honest in her review of my business and whilst she herself didn’t fully understand the business model I use she asked all the right questions to ensure she fully understood and quickly. During the one to one Elaine helped me understand quickly that I was trying to operate in too many areas of my businesses growth and helped me see and where I should focus my energies and attention first. She also helped me see how I can grow the business outside of my main activities. From the one to one I can certainly see the benefits of using her advice and services which will give me a clear direction for my business growth. I have talked to many a business coach in the past, but felt on this occasion Elaine really took the time to understand me and my business with straight honest feedback and excitement too.

    Carla Bent

    Owner, CB Nutrition, Herbalife, Chesterfield

    I had a one-to-one session with Elaine and could immediately see the possible benefits of her advice, which is founded on many years of experience. Where Elaine scores highly is her no-nonsense, straightforward, yet friendly approach. She won’t soft-soap you, but she cut to the chase and told me where I am going wrong and, more importantly, where I should be going in order to get my business heading in the right direction. After the session I had clear ideas, new-found enthusiasm and a sense of purpose; and can honestly say that there is a lot to look forward to, in spite of these challenging times we are experiencing. One more thing I must say about Elaine’s business session: she did not at any time come across as if she is just trying to boost her own business at my expense, unlike so many self-proclaimed business gurus out there.

    Richard Liston

    Many many thanks for your time yesterday, it was a real pleasure to be able to talk to someone that can offer guidance and help, can look at things from a different perspective, but can be positive and friendly with it. Very refreshing. Thank you for the email with the links, this has definitely given me a fresh and positive outlook and made me look at my 'business' differently. Will definitely keep you upto date on how things are progressing. http://www.briansidwellphotographer. co.uk/

    Brian Sidwell

    Owner, Brian Sidwell Photography, Bideford, Devon

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