5 Awesome Things You Can Do to Bring The Price of Your Ads Down

Click Through Rate is KING when it comes to keeping your Facebook ad costs down!

If you can get your Click Through Rates (CTR Link click) as high as you can, you will dramatically see a reduction in you ad spend. What I mean by CTR (by link click) is when someone clicks on your ads to get taken to a Landing page or website or wherever you direct them.

So how do we get our CTRs as high as we can? That is the awesome question!  Below I have highlighted 5 super powerful things you can implement to this strategy today.


1 – Your Image Needs To Be Catchy!

The first thing that stops people scrolling to look at your ad is whether the image or video that you use is catchy enough.. this needs testing with different ad creatives as some will work better than others. Marketing is all about testing but the image needs to draw attention.

It is not a good idea to use stock photos as people can tell they are stock and it appears fake and unwelcoming.

Often for coaches, photos of simply yourself works well as it blends in the newsfeed much better and does not stand out like an ad! This could be you in a natural pose coaching people – it does not have to be a posed set up shot at all! Below are a few ad creative where we got over a 10% Click Through Rate (and the acceptable lowest standard is 1%!

Having said that, you can also test ad creatives with bright banners on with a Call To Action – lively and vibrant and remember what I said; it is all in the testing.

Also, remember that Facebook likes variation so it is a great idea to test different creatives and angles over time.


2 – Headline

The headline on your ad has to draw your ideal client in – it is great to have the headline as a promise that when they click on your ad, they will be rewarded by a free gift that solves an issue/painful problem for them (eg. Something that gives them a small win).


  • [Free Live Workshop] Generate Online Enquiries & Sales With No Marketing Spend Starting With 3 Simple Online Steps For Small & Local Businesses
  • Local Business [Free Live Workshop] 3 Free and Simple Steps Online Steps To Get Consistent Enquiries and Sales Month In and Month Out
  • Control Your Anxiety Attacks, Know The Triggers And How To Control Them In 5 Proven Steps
  • 3 Advice Tips To Wives Whose Husbands Are Spend Thrifts And Can’t Save – By a Wife To A Wife
  • 3 Secrets Of How To Take a Break From Alcohol, Stay On Track and Change That Relationship with Booze forever!


3 – Audience

Most people think it is all about Audience and who we choose to see our ads but this is only one factor as Facebooks algoithims are amazing at working out and optimising your ideal audience.

We do have to indicate to Facebook who we are targeting to start with though and depending on the type of ad you are running, it is often best to target individual audiences first (ie separate them out) to see which ones work for you. When you find the winners on this individual basis, you can then combine them into one super powerful audience.

Also when it comes to choosing audiences, think outside the box; this means knowing your audience really well; what books do they like to read, what tools and software do they use, what things do they buy, where do they shop, what do they watch.

Be aware if you use say people who like “Tony Robbins” as a audience, there will be a lot of people also using this as an audience, hence your ad costs can increase.

If you are aiming at businesses, you can target Directors, Business owners, Small Business owners, CEOs, Self Employed Business page admins, SEO etc but it is also a good idea to root out tools and interest (as above) to test as well.


4 – Message

This is one of the biggest keys to bringing your ad cost down! Your message has to resonate big time with your audience. In your message, you either need to pull at a big pain they have that needs desperately solving and then have a promise of a transformation of that pain.

Or simply your message can break down a limiting belief they have (eg. it is too hard for them to implement, it is too expensive to fix, they have no time, they have tried before).


5 – Page name

Your page name is the first thing that people see on the ads and can be used to attract the attention of your ideal audience. You may already however have an established page and do not want to  change the name and that is fine; use the other factors above to GET the attention. Or, you may want to use your own name, as this is how you want to be recognised?

Often, coaches use their own name on their Facebook page and that is fine but keep in mind, of you can change your Facebook page name to something that is highly relevant to your audience and an example of this is below:

  • Beat Binge Drinking
  • Clients and Closing


It tells your audience at a glance exactly what the Ad is all about…



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