Online and offline magazines are constantly looking for fresh and interesting and unique content to publish to fill their webpages and printed pages and it all drives traffic and visitors to your website. Online magazines in your niche also provide really good and juicy backlinks that are so needed to rank your website higher in the search engines. Let me show you how I have used online editorial to great effect in one of my niches as well fantastic websites to check out and how you can make online (and offline) editorial drive more visitors to your business very quickly and for free.

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Online and Offline Magazines

I’m going to be covering editorial today and this can be in online and/or offline magazines. It is really power stuff and a marketing method I’ve used many times in two of my niches; in the car polish niche and the photography niche.

What we’re trying to do is establish which magazines and newspapers are relevant for your story. So, if there are magazines on the shelf, you’ll find that they may be interested in what you’ve got to say with your product or your services as long as it is an interesting slant that they have never come across before or something new that they know will get the interest of their readers.

There are literally loads of magazines on the shelf these days even in our online world that we live in today. Shops may be shutting down and everybody’s buying stuff online but physical magazines still seem to be a popular method of absorbing information. Also, many of these offline magazines also have an online equivalent.



You’ve also got leaflets you can get printed and pay to have put into publications in your area or niche. This is quite a powerful way of marketing instead of just putting an advert in the mass of pages where it can get lost in amongst all the other content. Popping a leaflet into a local little booklet is a great way of getting you seen very quickly and grabbing people’s attention, especially if the leaflet is offering something free or discounted.


Online Newsletters

Also, there are online newsletters. So, in your niche, you might have somebody who emails out a regular newsletter to all their subscribers.

You can actually pay to advertise in those online newsletters and it’s was something that I did regularly in the photography niche and worked really well. I actually paid to have my content, my story, my course dates or my advert in their online newsletter and in that online magazine.

They used to also provide me with valuable backlinks as well to my photography website which worked wonders for my rankings with the keyword “wedding photography courses” as these backlinks were coming from high ranking domain sites with a lot of traffic. When I got editorial in these magazines, the backlinks also stayed there as they never took the content off.

Also, a word to note about offline magazines. When you look to advertise in offline magazines, look at where your competition is advertising. So, if you’re thinking of advertising in an offline magazine and nobody’s advertising in there, there’s a very good reason why so steer away. So, literally, only advertise where your competition is, because obviously it’s working for them. If they’re in there, year in, year out, they’re in there for a reason. So, almost follow the crowd when it comes to offline advertising.


Come Up With an Amazing Story

With editorial, you’ve got to come up with a really good story and a really good headline. So, here are some examples that spring to mind that I liked and that I saw in an offline magazine and it was repeated online as well. It was : “The 10 things women over 40 can do to look younger in the workplace”. I thought it was quite a catchy title for a business in the beauty niche and that people would want to read more. Another one; “The 3 simple things that everyone can implement that will reduce your bills by over 20%”. A great title if you’re into the energy efficiency business. So, a catchy headline is crucial to getting it passed by the editor and read by the masses.

Now, with offline editorial, we’re not so much worried about keywords as we are with online editorial as that is how we are going to get found online. We’re more worried about getting the article read. You also need to put a weblink throughout the editorial, as that’s the place they can use to find more information.


Juicy Backlinks From Online Editorial

Back to online editorial – it’s a great place to get those juicy backlinks. So, if you think of a really novel story for your product or service (think outside the box a bit), you can get backlinks to your website from high ranking sites in your niche, which are really important for your Google ranking of your own website. If you get published in an online magazine getting thousands of views, and you have got a backlink from that site, it’s such good news. I had many backlinks this way in the photography niche and it literally pushed our website up to the top of Google for a very competitive keywords at that time, and that was “photography training courses” and “wedding photography courses”. I’ve sold that business on now and I’m no longer in the photography business.

But in that niche I used online editorial to get an awful lot of backlinks … they were in very highly read magazines, and because it’s a passionate market, my articles got literally thousands of views. So, I do suggest you think about the online magazines for your niche, because it gives you attention, traffic and backlinks to your website.


Banner Ads

You can also put up banner ads on many sites. But, I will say a lot of people have become blind to banner ads these days, so I’d probably use that as a secondary method to get traffic online today.


Offer Something Free

I will also add that to get more interaction from your online editorial or offline editorial, offer something free to the readers of which they would value, because that gets them on your database and you will need their email address in exchange for the free gift. You can take them to your opt-in page and then over a free video series maybe?. That will attract new fans and you can develop that relationship over time.