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Hi there – so nice to meet you!

Thought I would share  little background on where I have been, what I have done and what led me to helping online coaches & service providers grow!

One thing I want you to know upfront though is I am a Marketing Geek – it’s is my hobby, my job and my bed time read!


It is the love of my life!


I kinda think it is so much easier to relate to someone if you know their history, where they have been, why they have done what they have done, their battles in life (we all have them!)  and how they have ended up where they are today. So here goes with my story.. you can skip or read – it’s really up to you. I won’t be offended.

I ended up doing Manufacturing engineering at University. The only girl in my school who opted for that; I always liked to be different. I then finetuned and did an MSc in Water Science and ended up firmly seated in the Corporate world in Water Consultancy, saving the world from polluted waters! Even though a worthwhile cause, it felt so unfulfilling.

Then around 25, I felt I was missing out on life big time, needed some fun so went travelling round the world for 9 months before returning to the Corporate world again.. All a bit crazy!


elaine sanderson coaching

Before The Switch To An Entrepreneur

The years flew by and it wasn’t until having my first child,  it was only then I realised I really was in a mans world, in this Corporate job, as I “was not allowed” to go part time and the fact that I wanted to leave dead on 5 O’clock due to my new baby commitment it was SO frowned upon…6.30pm finish was more acceptable to my boss on top of an hour travelling  get back home! I started to hate it.

I remember a cold snowy night back in the year 2000 (long time ago!), trying to get home from the office (which was miles away from home) to catch my daughter before she went to bed! It was her 1st Birthday. I was so anxious and fighting back the tears as the car was sliding all over the place and the snow was coming down hard and so much traffic .. I don’t know how I made it home but it had taken me 2 ½ hours and I was so angry why this was happening to me.

elaine sanderson coaching

Why I was stuck in this Corporate job that entailed so much travel all just to earn money. Why had it decided to snow to stop me getting home on her Birthday (wasn’t allowed a days holidays). Why was my boss so sexist and making things so awkward for me? Why had I chosen this road in life?..

I raced in the house to find her in her pyjamas in her high chair with chocolate cake all over her face and I ran and whisked her out of her high chair and hugged her so passionately with tears streaming down my face. She was kicking her legs in excitement to see me. Then it was her bed time. Then I felt empty.

It really changed me though as from that day, I was determined to find a way of getting out of that well paid corporate job that I had worked so hard to get into in the first place.

Nothing fitted anymore. Being a mum came first now but I felt I wasn’t allowed to be a mum in this “job”.

Then, stupidly or not, I had another child a short while after. I kinda thought that things would work themselves out and I wouldn’t have to return to the Corporate world (I was always an optimist!) but after 10 weeks of my son being born, it became glaringly obvious again that I was the main bread earner so I had to go back in again to earn the pennies!

I remember getting the train to my new job at 6am on a freezing, frosty December morning. History repeating itself all over again. I waved the family goodbye as I went to wait on the platform and weeped that it had come to this again..but I felt this wave of power coming over me that I will find the answer out of this; I will break free.

Don’t get me wrong; I had tried business ventures in the past but they had all failed to date. That morning, I became even more grit determined that I was going to break out and be a good mum and become self employed and  “in control of my own life” as an entrepreneur. Things however, got worse before they got better as this time, I was sent all over the country with nights away as well as overseas when my son was so tiny!

elaine sanderson coaching
elaine sanderson coaching

The Journey

I bit the bullet back in 2002 and left my Corporate job when we nurtured this superb idea of running Landscape digital photography & wedding coaching courses (being located in a stunning area in the Peak District in UK). My ex was a photographer.

We cut off most of the market though and went for the digital photography market only. It felt very very dangerous but right at the same time. I remember being so excited with not scrap of fear.

Boy did I have to learn how to start and build a business quick! My whole family & friends thought I had lost my mind, leaving such a well paid job to go to nothing and I was told all the stats about how many businesses fail out there and I could just be another BIG failure. Giving up my career I had worked so hard to get into in the first place! Oh god, I remember it was all such doom and gloom and I literally had to cut them all off for a while before they polluted my mind!

I had no choice in my eyes; I wasn’t going back to that Corporate world and that was that. I literally threw myself into marketing; it pumped fast through my veins every day as I learnt every trick in the book! That business rose to high 6 figures in less than 18 months..and I coached the wedding photographers on how to build their businesses. 

Family and friends ate their words! I was earning way more than my Corporate job could ever give and I never forget the feeling of buying a brand new Landrover Defender cash!

After this and the photography training business rocking beyond all our wildest dreams, divorce then hit hard and quick..not sure where it came from but looking back maybe the quick business success went to our heads, maybe working together too closely fuelled the fire but whatever the reason, the smooth highway ahead become very convoluted..

BUT, you will be gobsmacked, we managed to work together in the business for 3 years after splitting but when the “new girlfriend” infiltrated the business enough was enough..

So I simply quit! I was bought out and boy I remember walking out the day I finally left and feeling the breeze on my face, my shoulders were light and life felt unbelievable free from my ex and the past..I will never forget that feeling..leaving them to it!

 I then set up on my own..


elaine sanderson coaching
elaine sanderson coaching

 I met my now husband a while after and we ended up moving location. Together, we made some huge business mistakes ending up £30K in debt twice and wasting a whole year of my life on a failed business and having to sell property to get out of it. I remember having to put food on a credit card and crying at the Supermarket!

But I could not be employed again – not an option on the table! It was a bit of a rocky road..

It was around that time, we started to discover all about mindset, and both became absorbed in all these books and DVDs; Tony Robinns, Joe Vitale, Greg Braden, Marissa Peers, Bob Proctor..just to name a few. It was light a holy light that shone.

I endlessly studied successful entrepreneurs and implemented their marketing tactics, we got coaches to quicken the learning process (even though in debt) – and we managed to build another high 6 figure business in the Construction industry. I am still 50% director of this business but take more of a back seat role. My passion is starting and growing businesses so I carried on! 

I then built a successful Lead & Marketing Agency/Coaching business for small brick & mortar business owners with all the knowledge I gained building my own businesses..and I have helped many of these businesses scale up to 7 figures..

Believe me though, over the years there have been plenty of failures inbetween!

What a journey when I look back! Even though I have had amazing success helping small business owners grow and develop with my Done For You services, 1:1 and online courses, my TRUE passion is helping coaches & entreprenuers start, build and scale.

Why? You may ask why my heart lies more in helping coaches & entrepreneurs and not brick & mortar businesses. Well the answer is simple really.

These type of people can really transform peoples lives and really make a difference in the world and they become leaders that guide; which our world really needs. I connect with people like this and I love working with people like this.

If I can help them start, grow and scale, they can then help more people in the world with their transformations; whether that is with weightloss, their relationships, their confidence, mindset – you name it..

elaine sanderson coaching

In this niche, I have run endless worldwide webinars, created online marketing courses and  JV’d with some top professionals in the industry;  David Shillito, a top level marketer and consultant in the business world who has featured on CNN, Fox, CBS and featured in the Telepgraph and Yorkshire Post.

As well as joint venturing with the webinar expert and coach, Steven and Corinna Essa. Steven is an International Speaker and webinar training expert and was voted number 1 speaker at World Internet Summit. Corinna runs her own Social Media Worldwide business and she is the sister of Mark Anatasia (author of Laptop Millionaire).

The journey has been awesome!


So back to you;

If you feel that a no obligation and free chat may declutter your head and make you clearer on your path and your vision, I can help. Click SCHEDULE A CALL NOW and we can thrash through your business to start making things happen for you. There are certain types of people I can help only though so you will be asked to fill in a quick questionnaire to make sure I can help you.


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