I spoke to a coach this week who was on the point of quitting and packing it all in after 5 strategy calls where they all said NO at the end. This is what I have to say about that.

80% of coaches pack in at the first few hurdles and it is only those that can see this is the correct path that we all take to create businesses that win.

Make sure you are not one that quits too easily!

If you build consistency and create habits that stick for at least 30 days, these new habits become “your way” and even though there is resistance to change at the start, after a couple of weeks, you fall into these new habits knowing what to do each day to move forward.

Write a to do list the day before and get it done! Stick to your plan for 30 days and then reassess where you were and where you are now and change and iterate as you see the path..

Its like my running – after 2 operations I was well out of synch of the running game and had lost the “habit” of going running. So I forced myself back in, against all my internal battles that did not want to do it, and after 30 days, I now know without fail that I will run every other day. It has become my habit and my thing.

Hope you enjoy – let me know!



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