It doesn’t take me to tell you that we are all addicted to video and Youtube . It’s not just the kids! Youtube being in the top 3 of Social Media platforms out there today, using Youtube for your business and generating leads off Youtube is really powerful stuff. Here are a few tricks and tools for your business on using Youtube for marketing.

Inspirational Content

This video takes you through the 3rd way out of the five most successful and quickest ways to get your business seen online. It’s all about Youtube. If you are going to promote with video and Youtube, you just have got to give good content. If you don’t give good content, you’re dead in the water from the start so you want to be either inspirational, tragic, educational or something that really grabs people and they’re wanting to listen to you more and more.

You have maybe got new events coming up or an up and coming webinar? Really good content might be teaching people how to lose weight or how to deal with healing massages. All industries out there will have plenty to tell to their interested audience. Good content is the key.

Catchy Headlines For Youtube

The idea as well is once you have done your videos, think of a catchy headline. Your video will be amongst many others online and when searchers scroll down the page, you don’t want them to scroll down and miss yours. So a catchy headline helps to get traffic on Youtube.

So your headline must be something that really captures their attention but has also got your key words in because your video won’t be displayed by YouTube if you haven’t put your keywords in your title. This is why I’ve done keyword research as Video One in this series as keywords are so crucial to everything we do online and I do hope you watched Video 1 in my 5 part series “The 5 Most Successful and Quickest Ways To getting Your Business Seen Online”. Here is Video 1 again in case you have not watched it – Easy Keyword Research Video 1


Transcriptions on Youtube

Also note that YouTube itself will actually transcribe your video for you as well and will pick up your keywords throughout, so obviously say your keywords as you talk if you are recording yourself. I would suggest it is a better idea to get your video transcribed through a company such as www.rev.com as it will be more accurate and this is what I do. You do then have to edit the video up though afterwards which can take a little time.Or you can transcribe the video yourself, but obviously that’s going to take more time.


Descriptions Boxes on Youtube

Don’t forget the description box when listing your video on Youtube and again make sure the description is full of your keywords that people are searching for. It’s all about your keywords and this is the way of getting seen in Youtube and helps getting the traffic on Youtube. There’s a great little tool out there called VIDIQ and it’s basically a Google Chrome extension. You will need to download Chrome and in my opinion this is the best browser to use online today.

Then you need to google VIDIQ and download it. Once installed, if you put in your keywords, it will show you what your competition’s doing and what keywords they’ve actually used to get ranked so it is so so informative.
One thing I should also mention is that your keywords very importantly, have to go in your title, your description and also in your keyword tag box and with the VIDIQ tool, you’ll only get a couple of your competition showing up though because you have to pay to actually get extra. I only use the free tool which I find quite useful to give me a fair idea what my competition is and what I am up against.


Keywords on Youtube

Also, I have mentioned the website www.Rapidtags.com in a previous video. Rapidtags, if you put in your main keyword, comes up with a host of extra alternative keywords that you can literally cut and paste and copy them into YouTube tag field. So if my niche is say “make money online using YouTube”, I will put that into Rapidtags and it will give me loads of suggestions on different keywords. If I want to use them, great, and if not I delete them and I copy the ones I want, go straight back to YouTube and I can paste them straight into my tag field where you put your keywords in, so really useful.


Getting Leads Off Youtube

What you want from your Youtube videos is to get leads into your database and subscriptions to your channel. So you must, in the description box, put a link to your website or your opt in page or a link that takes them somewhere where they can find out more information about you in exchange for their email address. You want them to become fans of what you do and you want to carry on that relationship to ultimately make sales. So make sure you don’t lose out and ensure you put links where they can get more of you.


Youtube Insights

Also remember to check out the Youtube insights. It’s really important to find out whether watchers are engaged or losing interest in your videos and when you go into the insights you can tell where people are dropping off and leaving your video.

You want to see at what point they have got bored and literally clicked off your video. Now if they’re clicking off your video within a few seconds, it’s a sign to YouTube that your video’s not very good and it won’t rank you because it’ll say “right, there’s better videos out there where people are staying longer” i.e. they’re more engaged, they’re liking it more, they’re sharing it more, they’re commenting on it more. So if this is the case, it’s not time to give up! It’s time to reassess your content and they way it is presented for your next video or maybe make adjustments to your current one.


Youtube Annotations and End Screens on Youtube

A way of keeping them more engaged is by using annotations. This is a pop up box that you can make appear at the point where people are dropping off and it may just perk their interest again and keep them interested and stay on for longer. The annotation can say anything you want it to – possibly “please stay to the end as I am going to tell you how to access a free gift on xyz?” Then the link in the description could be where they click for the free gift..just an idea.

Annotations is apparently disappearing, in 2019 but there is something called cards and end screens. Cards are where you can have clickable links and take them somewhere and end screen is where you can literally offer them a promotion at the end of your video or offer them like a promotion to another video you’ve done. Those two little tools are really useful.

Start Promoting Fast On Youtube

The last thing I’ll say is once you get a video up on YouTube, you’ll want to start promoting it straight away because if YouTube sees that you’re getting an interaction literally in the first 24 hours it helps with ranking quite a bit. If it just sees the video dormant for a few weeks with no views or interaction, it’s going to be really hard to get that cart rolling. Get the link to your Youtube video out on your Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Also do a blog post and put your video in there and send an email out to your client database, telling them you have some great content to share and to watch the video because literally in 24 hours if you’re getting interaction, it’s a sign to YouTube it’s a good video so it’s good news for you too.